Commercial Access Control

Commercial access control is an extremely efficient and convenient way to secure your commercial property.

Our reliable team travels nationwide to help clients by fitting cost-effective security systems and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the UK. A professionally fitted electronic access control by Panther Security provides the most efficient and convenient way of keeping your building and assets secure.

Our security services are flexible enough to meet any requirements since the basic access control systems we provide are capable of serving anything from one to a hundred users. This makes them perfect for both small businesses and large organisations that need to improve their level of security for a great price.

The following are a few examples of the basic commercial access control solutions that our clients can choose from:

  • Single-door access control

Single-door access control systems are ideally suited to retail stores

  • Web-based access control

Your small business or office can benefit greatly from web-based access control

  • Photo ID badge systems

Need to authorise visitors to your school? Ask our experts about Photo ID badge systems

We also have various complex commercial access control solutions that may be better suited to your business:

  • Multiple location security and access

This is monitored from an integrated command centre

  • Smart card technology

Ideal for visitor management to authenticate visitors entry and exit in high security areas

  • A centrally managed system for large warehouses

If there are multiple shipping and receiving areas this is a great option.

Access control can help improve workplace safety, reduce risk of premise liability, minimise loss from theft or burglary and track access in and out of your premises. Whatever your company size or industry type, our broad range of electronic access control solutions help ensure that only the right people have access to your facilities.

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