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Here at Panther Security our highly skilled team is supplying school security systems around Essex. We have more than 30 years experience as a company and have gained a huge client base across the UK. Our team strives to provide you with the best security equipment to make sure that every visitor, staff member and student is safe. No job is too big or too small for us; we have done jobs working with over 200 cameras and jobs where we have set up only a few surveillance cameras.

Why choose Panther Security for school security systems in Essex?

The Panther Security team has many years of experience working in this industry, with all staff being fully accountable and regularly checked. We ensure you have the highest level of security on your property as our security cameras are capable of 1080p up to 4K resolution. This will make sure that any suspicious activity is recorded in clear detail.

Our service is 100% confidential and you can trust our team to provide you with a safe and secure service. Our experts are able to provide with you an outstanding service as they have a huge amount of experience and knowledge with dealing with this equipment. Installations that we provide are of the highest standards and we offer maintenance as well as a help line that is available 24/7 if there are any issues.

Arrange your school security system installation today in Essex

We have worked with some major companies across the UK; our work has been recognised by police, universities, the NHS, private businesses and construction companies. Our service is extremely cost effective and we believe there is no better place to go than Panther to make sure your security is at the highest possible standards.

We also offer our services around Suffolk, London and many other places in the UK. Get in contact for more information about our service.

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