Access Control

access control

Increased control and security – Access Control typically uses an identifier such as an access card to authorise people to enter certain areas. The systems are capable of logging who, when and where and they can provide valuable data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used. It is a means of controlling who enters a location and when. The person entering may be an employee, a contractor or a visitor and they may be on foot, driving a vehicle or using another mode of transport. The location they’re entering may be, for example; a hospital, a school, an apartment, a secure room within a building, or a carpark.  It will manage:

  • Who has access
  • Which doors they have access to
  • What times they can gain access

What gives you even more control is that a good Access Control system lets you set these parameters and you can quickly and easily update them whenever you need to.  

Complex & Basic Access Control

Basic Access Control

We offer a wide range of basic solutions which are ideal for the following clients:

  • Retail – Single-door access control systems
  • Small Businesses – Web-based access control
  • Offices – Web-based access control
  • Schools – Photo ID badge system for visitors


Complex Access Control

Panther Security also provide a selection of complex solutions:

  • Multiple location security and access monitored from an integrated command centre
  • Smart card technology used for visitor management in high security areas
  • Centrally managed systems for big warehouses that have multiple shipping and receiving areas

Audio and Video Intercoms

We offer a range of intercom systems for use in different environments. All types of schools can benefit from the privacy and security they offer as well as the flexibility of being able to control access remotely.

Why Choose Panther

Our flexible service means that the Panther Security team are able to cater for any sized project; whether you have a single user or hundreds of users.  We have a great deal of experience in this area, providing services for all types of premises including schools, apartment blocks, commercial premises, hospitals and public sector buildings.

Our trained security specialists will discuss your requirements in great detail with you and plan out a system which we believe will be best for your environment. 

Lease Purchase Option

Panther Security are pleased to be able to offer a quick and simple way of purchasing your new security equipment through our preferred leasing partner, Focus Leasing.  Established in 1994, Focus can offer you a finance solution to suit your needs for any equipment for £1000 plus VAT or more. They cover the whole of the UK and have products to suit all.  If you wish to lease purchase your new security equipment please contact us for an initial quote.  If you prefer, you can make direct enquiries with Focus regarding their finance.  

Call Focus Leasing on 01794 525930

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