Private School Security Systems

Panther Security provides clients with the best security systems; we have been working in this industry for more than 30 years and have gained a broad client database full of returning customers. The expert team here at Panther strives to protect commercial properties with our high-quality alarm systems. Our experience and knowledge of intruder alarms, access control and CCTV systems means that we are more than capable of providing an unbeatable service. We are willing to travel anywhere in the UK as we have many different contracts with major companies.

School security systems provided by our experience team include:

• Security advice and consultancy
• Audible intruder alarms
• Monitored intruder alarms
• Wire free systems
• Audio/visual intercom systems
• Carbon monoxide detection
• Commercial burglar alarms
• CCTV systems

Monitored burglar alarms and security systems for private schools

All our members of staff have years of experience in providing security systems to clients all around the UK. We highly recommend that you invest well when it comes to your school’s security as this will give potential intruders less time to cause any damage. Panther Security is able to link your security equipment to an Alarm Receiving Centre; this will inform the police if an intrusion has taken place. Having this done will potentially save a lot of time as the police make their way to your property as soon as they are alerted.

Unbeatable, cost-effective private school burglar alarms and security systems

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Private School Security Systems

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