Thermal Body Temperature Measurement System

This system provides an all-in-one solution meaning it can quickly capture faces in crowded public places to measure multiple body Dahua temperatures.

Thermal Cameras use uncooled VOx sensor technology which is a specific type of resistor used as a detector in a thermal camera, their small size and better performance make them a more cost effective solution for thermal security.

The system works by using the Blackbody as a constant temperature reference point. By setting the Blackbody to 35 degrees Celsius, and positioning it correctly (see following diagrams), the camera is able to use this as a temperature reference point.

Facial Detection

A standout feature for Dahua’s system is the use of advanced Facial Detection technology. This enables the camera to understand what it sees and pinpoint the forehead of the person who’s temperature is being measured. This not only increases the accuracy of the temperature reading, but also allows the technology to function in a non-invasive way.

A fever/high temperature is one of a number of symptoms of COVID-19 and, while this camera may be able to detect such symptoms, it is not conclusive in determining if an individual has or has not got the virus.

Whilst this camera is able to accurately detect the temperature of the human body from a distance, it is NOT IN ANY WAY a camera intended to detect COVID-19.

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