Home Security App

Panther has years of experience installing domestic alarms and our home security app delivers advanced wireless security and additional safety for you and your property. We highly recommend Visonic products as we have been using them for more many years and as a result, our team has a great understanding of the whole range.

The intruder alarm systems we install are based on innovative PowerG two-way wireless technology, offering unbeatable performance and reliability. Using the app, you are able to control the system in  many ways and stay connected. For example, from your phone you have the option to arm or disarm the system, check the event log and get push notifications for alarms. You are in complete control of your home security with this revolutionary technology and at any time it can be upgraded to meet your requirements.

Our advanced home security system is more than just an app!

There is a wide variety of accessories that can further increase the level of security at your property, including:

Control Equipment

  • PowerMaster 30 Control Panel
  • PowerMaster 360r Control Panel
  • Slim Keyfob – Allows simple operation of your system via the push of a button. Attractive and ergonomic design; provides instant feedback of system status and commands
  • Proximity tags – Attractive proximity tag to turn your system on and off (does not work with the 360r)
  • Keypad – Remotely control your system from anywhere in the home

Detection devices

  • Movement Sensor – Detects movement in the home, available as Pet Tolerant version
  • Door Contact – Detects if windows or doors have been opened for added security
  • PIR Camera – Detects movement and captures images to improve alarm validation
  • Shock Detector – Early detection of gross attacks or low-level shocks
  • Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
  • External sensor
  • Smoke Sensor – Added peace of mind for fire prevention and smoke damage
  • Dual Technology Detector
  • External Sensor – Detects movement externally around your property

Sounders and Signalling

  • Bell Box
  • Dummy Box
  • IP Module
  • Mobile Phone App
  • 3G Communicator


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Panther's home security app uses PowerG – the latest in cutting edge security technology!

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